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5 Apartment Must-Haves For Every Jayhawk

Choosing to live in a furnished apartment simplifies the moving process considerably — no more cramming things in boxes and heavy lifting! But while each of our apartments includes essential furniture such as a bed, dresser, and couch, students should take a moment to consider what else they might need to make their apartment a home. To help residents enjoy our KU apartments to the fullest, here are five apartment must-haves for every Jayhawk. Contact us today to schedule a tour of our apartments near KU!

Class Schedule

Navigating Kansas University’s main campus can be a challenge, even for upperclassmen. Make the first few days at a new school more manageable — print your class schedule ahead of the start of every semester. Make multiple copies, laminate one, and hang it on your wall. Doing so can help you memorize where you need to be and save you the trouble of having to hunt down the right building and classroom on campus repeatedly.


While our furnished apartments include a bed and mattress for the convenience of our residents, don’t forget to bring bedding! The last thing students need after unpacking all day long is to sleep uncomfortably without soft sheets on the bed. Shop for bedding ahead of your move-in day — our student apartments in Lawrence, KS, are conveniently located minutes from Hobby Lobby, Walmart, and T.J. Maxx, so finding bedding to match your unique style is easier than ever.

Pet Supplies & Accessories

Living in pet friendly apartments means Jayhawks don’t have to move in without their furry companions. Pets can be awesome roommates, but they require their own space and belongings. To ensure your pets get comfortable in their new home, invest in small toys, beds, and maybe even a cat jungle for your feline friends, and give them lots of love as they accumulate to their new environment.

Clothing For Every Season

Lawrence, KS, is a city right in America's heartland, experiencing all seasons of the year. Make sure to pack enough clothing for both winter and summer before moving into KU housing. You'd be surprised how many people underestimate the city's weather. If you are moving from somewhere warmer and don't have enough time to shop for winter clothes, don't worry! There are plenty of fashionable and trendy school gear and apparel shops in town.


Having a full-sized kitchen can be a game-changer for students. As opposed to the dormitories where students on the entire floor share a small kitchenette, our open-layout one-bedroom apartments, two-bedroom apartments, three-bedroom apartments, and four-bedroom apartments include numerous resort-style amenities and features. Every apartment consists of a sleek and spacious kitchen, equipped with all the essential appliances students need to perfect their cooking skills. Don’t forget to bring dishes and cookware, however. If possible, coordinate with your new roommates about dishes and other cookware to ensure there are no duplicates and that you'll have everything you need to create delicious homecooked meals.