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Best Pets For Apartments Near KU

Pets are an invaluable part of the college experience for many Jayhawks. They provide much-needed support and stress relief during many highs and lows. However, not all pets are the best for students and apartment living. Low maintenance pets are the perfection option for residents because they don’t take up too much space and can adapt to your busy schedule.

We are proud to be a pet-friendly community here at The Connection at Lawrence and want our residents to live life to the fullest. When living in our KU apartments, these are the five top pets to keep you company and make life here even better.

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Dog On Couch


Dogs are the epitome of a cute and loyal companion. Surprisingly, a wide range of dog breeds does well living in apartments. However, potential pup parents must understand that dogs are social creatures that require obedience training, exercise, and mental stimulation. They need regular walks around our community or a dog park to socialize and burn off energy. Dogs are super playful and love a game of fetch with their owners.


Cats make great apartment pets because of their small size, quietness, and how easily they can be left alone for a couple of hours – all they really need is food, water, and a clean litter box — definitely a low maintenance pet! Most felines enjoy indoor life, jumping atop your apartment’s high shelves and countertops. Similar to dogs, cats are creatures that need routine grooming and mental stimulation in the form of toys and games.


Among the least-demanding pets to care for, fish are a good choice for apartment dwellers. Betta fish, sometimes called Siamese fighting fish, are among the most popular species. They are intelligent and beautiful, and can live from two to four years in a well-maintained tank or bowl. Clean the bowl regularly and maintain a steady water temperature. For a few pellets a day and regular water changes, your swimming friends will provide beauty and a calming influence in your apartment.


The reason why birds make great pets for apartments is that they take up little space. While all birds may be a bit noisy at times, there are some types of birds that squawk or chirp more than others. Smaller birds tend to be less expensive with a lighter maintenance routine compared to large birds. Most birds do better in pairs and can live up to 20 years if well-loved and cared for. The best birds appropriate for apartments are parrots, cockatiels, and domestic canaries.

Small Pets

Small pets adapt quickly to apartment life. Hamsters, guinea pigs, rabbits, and rats only require a small enclosure and limited human interaction. Aside from that, these animals are relatively low maintenance pets. What’s unique about these animals is that they’re nocturnal, which means they’re getting up while you’re getting ready for bed. This doesn’t mean that they don’t need playtime — make sure you set aside time before bedtime.