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Jayhawk Safety Tips

Living in a college town can create the illusion of safety. Something about being surrounded by peers, and making your way through a familiar campus creates a sense of security. However free students might feel either on and off campus, maintaining vigilance is imperative to ensuring personal safety.

You’re ready to live off campus — we’re here to help you have the best and safest experience possible in our apartments near KU. Consider the following four college-student tips from The Connection at Lawrence for staying safe both on and off campus.

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Use The Jayhawk Buddy System

Most Jayhawks make good choices while out with friends or hitting the books. Among the best choices Kansas University students make is using the Jayhawk buddy system. When it comes to campus safety, being part of a group makes a difference. Students who travel through campus solo, particularly during nighttime hours — are more vulnerable than those who don’t. To avoid potentially harmful situations, we recommend that students embrace the buddy system by remaining in pairs or groups, so no one is alone. Whether you have to make it to a night class or you’re planning on being part of a late-night study session located on campus, be sure to have at least one other person with you while coming to and from each destination.

Make Note Of Your Whereabouts

Student life can get busy — between classes, social events, on campus activities, and other obligations, it might seem like you buzz about constantly throughout the day. But the best way to ensure your safety — no matter what you’re doing — is to inform trusted individuals, such as family members, friends, or roommates, of your whereabouts. Be sure to let this person know when you plan to leave and return, as well as who you’ll be with and where you’ll be. Notify those close to you of your class, work, or other standard schedules and touch base regularly. This allows students to keep an eye out for one another and know when they should take action or voice concern should something seem amiss.

Familiarize Yourself With The KU Campus

Whether you’re a freshman just starting your college career at KU or you’re an upperclassman who just transferred, familiarizing yourself with KU and discovering the best ways to navigate campus are critical. Just as knowing your way around campus is important, so too is always being aware of your surroundings. Instead of blasting music on your headphones or looking through your feed while walking, be vigilant, and walk with confidence. This can help you identify potentially dangerous situations or suspicious behaviors and, thereafter, strategize a plan for what to do next. To familiarize yourself with the campus and surrounding areas, we recommend exploring with a roommate or friend during the daytime.

Always Lock Your Doors

Living in an off campus apartment offers Jayhawks the benefits of independence, being part of a vibrant student community, and feeling safe in secure KU apartments. But the best way to stay safe is to make sure your doors are always locked, whether you’re home or not. This will help ensure that your belongings are secure while you’re out and give you peace of mind while you’re there. And despite the fact campus life is usually relaxed, that doesn’t mean students shouldn’t lock their car doors and secure their bicycles while spending time on campus. Keep yourself and your possessions safe and sound by making a habit of locking your door daily, and soon enough, this practice will become second nature.